Did you know you can see us for all your urgent eye care needs? This ranges from mild eye irritation to sudden vision loss.


We have the skills and equipment to handle ocular emergencies. This can save you a lengthy and costly trip to the ER. If it is found that you need urgent surgery, we have a network of trusted specialists and can get you scheduled quickly.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Our comprehensive exams check your vision quality and the health of your eyes through a series of tests including retinal imaging.


Additionally, we provide a complimentary iWellness scan for diabetics and all patients over 65 to detect early signs of macular disease.


Our contact lens exams always include 30 days of complimentary follow-ups. We fit soft and hard contact lenses. 


Additionally, we specialize in multifocal contact lenses. If you have trouble with both distance and near vision, we encourage you ask our doctor about new and current available options for you!  


We work closely with you and your health care team to monitor and treat chronic conditions. Some of these include: 


Glaucoma We diagnose and manage with therapeutics. We also provide referrals when surgery is necessary.


Diabetes  Our exams include wide field retinal imaging and OCT scans that can help in diagnosing diabetic retinopathy.

Myopia Control for children: we offer atropine therapy, and well as soft multifocal contact lens fittings to slow myopia control in children. Please inquire for more information. 


LASIK & cataract co-management Our team will be there from the beginning, explaining all available options and helping to make lens selections, to providing post-operative care and answering any questions that arise.


To provide Clearwater with quality eye care

Cutting Edge Technology


Preventative care today
for a healthier tomorrow

By investing in modern optometric technology, we are able to better monitor your eye health. We can more objectively address your concerns on how your ocular health could indicate risks for other health conditions such as stroke, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

That’s why we obtain Optomap retinal imaging on all our patients. Additionally, we provide all of our diabetic patients, and our patients over 65 years old with an iWellness OCT scan as part of our standard eye exam.

Optomap Retinal Imaging

Phamily Eye Care utilizes wide field digital retinal imaging because it provides the most comprehensive look at your eyes –and everything else it can indicate about your health.

Photodocumentation facilitates early detection, reducing risk to your sight and ocular health. Many ocular findings don’t result in immediate symptoms, but may be detrimental to vision at a later stage.


More information can be found on the company’s website.

Optovue OCT

We believe in preventative care so strongly, we have incorporated advanced testing in our standard exams.


An OCT scan is quick and non-invasive. It will allow the doctor to assess the deeper layers of your retina beyond what is visible in a standard exam. It is like an MRI of the retina! This is particularly valuable in diabetic patients, and in patients at higher risk for macular degeneration. Join us, in taking a more active role in your eye care, today.

iScan oct

Nidek Marco Digital Refractor


A refraction or vision test is given as part of a routine eye examination, determining exactly what prescription you need.


The Nidek Marco autophoropter offers automated digital refraction, providing a superior experience in a fraction of the time required by manual refraction.


“Our experience with Phamily Eye Care was Phantastic! … Dr. Pham took the time to answer all my questions and outline all the potential treatment options. 

We highly recommend Phamily Eye Care!

- Patient J


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